Public Relations and Research

Throughout my internship experiences, I have learned that research is always the first step before doing anything. You always need to have reasoning as to why you are doing what you’re doing, and facts and figures to work with. Your credibility is crucial in the business world, and without it no one will trust your judgement.

Why should PR firms use research?

This article states that there are generally two type of circumstances that strongly recommend marketing research.

1. Research the environment. For a PR firm to be successful, it is very important to understand the economic, political, legal, public opinion, social, cultural, technological, marketing, and financial components of your organization. This kind of research can take place before a pitch, or in conjunction with a major repositioning with an existing client.

In both cases, it helps the PR team make better decisions about major or subtle directions, and makes the PR firm look like it knows about the client’s business problems and its marketplace.

Your PR firm may be “talking the talk” about evaluating your clients’ and prospects’ business environment, but are you “walking the walk” by actually budgeting and conducting the necessary research?

2. Research for ink. The most successful PR firms are the ones that get the most out of media support and favorable exposure to their clients. A creative and effective way to capture the media’s attention and “get out the good news” is to feed the media with your message through public opinion polling.

Newspaper, radio, and television content editors are on constant prowl for targeted, incisive information that not only defines some of their subscribers, but is also interesting to a broader audience. What better win-win solution than a market survey that reveals the consumer or business sector’s opinion about what’s important to them about the products or services that your client just so happens to provide?

This article makes some great points. The only way to know what a target market wants is by asking them. Hearing their perspective on products might be totally different than your ideas, and going through with these studies will ensure your product’s effectiveness. Wouldn’t you want to gather as much information as possible so you won’t make a huge mistake and risk your job?

This post is a series of my thoughts, and a summarization of “Tips on Using Marketing Research for Public Relations,” by Gregory Kohs

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2 thoughts on “Public Relations and Research

  1. dannyele says:

    The first point you addressed is one that I feel is overlooked. The environment in which the organization operates is a huge factor in how the message/product/service will be marketed.

    It irritates me when I see A&M attire in the Waco Wal-Mart. Who didn’t research that? Shame.

    I think often the environmental factors get missed because research is so focused on producing the product or understanding the target audience. People researching Baylor would be remiss to overlook the Waco community, which in many ways is quite different from Baylor’s specific culture.

    Ah, research. The fun stuff.

  2. cfranksix says:

    Conducting market research is very important when getting to know your client and I like what you said regarding researching the environment. It narrows your focus on exactly who your core audience is and what methods and means to implement. When you apply what you’ve uncovered with your research it will be much easier to tell how the general public feels about the current product or services your client provides, which leads to better assessment of customer satisfaction with that particular product.It also helps in tailoring the messages you want to convey and determine if those efforts are working. It aids in Every Public Relations campaign should be based on relevant, up-to-date research. This research allows an organization to determine if any of the objectives set for the campaign has been achieved and to what degree. Knowing how effective the public relations campaign is at reaching the objectives determines what steps to take next and the best approach in doing so.

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