Study: Women are more responsive to online reviews

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly reading product reviews for just about everything. From cosmetics to automobiles, I just can’t make a purchase without assurance of the product.

Especially since I’ve gotten older, I have become more price conscious. After all, I will soon be on my own and spending my own hard earned money. I think it’s a good plan for me to get used to being on a budget considering most entry level college graduates aren’t rolling in the dough these days.

I think this aspect of myself is a good quality, but at sometimes I may go overboard. I can research for hours, make a decision and then totally convince myself I’ve chosen wrong. It can sometimes be a never ending process.

I am so glad I found this article, because I feel it directly relates to me in a way.

Alan Pearcy, editorial assistant at Ragan Communications has some good facts about this topic.

Research from software supplier Postcode Anywhere suggests that of 1,000 U.K. consumers surveyed, 36 percent more women than men rated customer reviews as “very important” when it came to making online purchases.

Postcode Anywhere sales and marketing director had this to say in a press release:

“The poll agrees with a number of recent studies implying men prefer to read product descriptions and specifications than pore over online reviews. It has also been suggested that men respond less well to interaction in the buying process and are less concerned about the overall experience than women.”

The poll is among several exploring the demographics, habits, and opinions of people who read online reviews. For instance, a study released in May found that negative reviews—when well written—can have positive effects for a brand. Meanwhile, a study from June said that negative reviews do hurt a company’s image.

So, if you combine these reports, the gender of a person most likely to read an online review is a woman, and, if the review is negative, chances are it will negatively influence her opinion of the brand—unless, of course, the review is well written.

I find all of this pretty interesting. I always thought everyone would find reviews hurtful or helpful, but as it turns out some buyers aren’t all that concerned. They just may be more interested in how the product works than feeling assured about their purchase.


2 thoughts on “Study: Women are more responsive to online reviews

  1. lizeverett says:

    Mandi, I feel the same way as you. I won’t buy a product unless I know it is going to be a beneficial buy for me and I love it. I am price conscious as well, because like you said, we are about to be paying for everything by ourselves.

    I don’t find it surprising that women are more responsive to online reviews than are men just because generally speaking, I think women are more apt to shop than men. Women tend to go back and forth and change their minds when making a decision, whereas men want to make a decision and be done with it.

    Obviously, I am making general statements based on the way that men and women differ in makeup and how they are wired. This is an interesting article about gender and buying habits. And it is true that many just aren’t concerned with reviews.

  2. aebarron says:

    I wish I had the research instinct you do. Whenever I want to buy something I’m going to buy it. I hardly ever look at reviews of products online because I don’t want it to change my mind in wanting it–weird thought because maybe it would save me some grief later on!

    I feel like males look at reviews for big purchases like technology and automobiles but little or nothing else.

    It’s so interesting that if a negative review is well-written it might actually have a positive influence. I don’t really see how that works but I’m going to keep my eyes open for some like that! You have made me want to look at reviews more often, I can see how it’d be beneficial.

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