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Alternatives to sending a press release

Many times I have felt that a full press release may not be needed in certain situations. Depending on the event or time issues, sometimes it is just easier to get your message across in other ways. With the way technology is advancing, the press release may sometimes even seem “old school” in today’s society.

Claire Celsi, Editor at Ragan’s PR Daily believes that list-building-services have created a generation of lazy PR professionals.

She says, that “arguably, the worst part about being a PR professional is facing that list, breaking it down, and digging in to pitch to those reporters. But the most important thing is not writing the press release and blasting it out. First, you have to back up and say:

What is my message, and who would appreciate hearing it?

“Challenge yourself to never send another standard press release again.”

Celsi says that the best alternatives to use instead of a press release are:

1. Pitch email. Put your pitch in the form of a story, with bullet points emphasizing the most important details you want the reporter to know.

  • Google the reporter’s name. After ensuring that she still writes for the news outlet, click on one of her recent articles. Make sure it is within the same genre as your pitch.
  • Write a one-paragraph personalized intro for every email you send. Show some interest in the reporter’s work.
  • The remaining portion of the email can be the same for every reporter. This is your brief opportunity to capture the reporter’s interest with your pitch. Make it short, and make it interesting.
  • Write a subject line that gets attention and describes your pitch.
2. Make a website posting (preferably a blog post). 
3. Send a tweet. 
4. Send a Facebook message. 
5. Pick up the phone. 
6. Offer to meet a reporter for coffee.
Personally, I like the idea of not sending a press release for everything. Human contact can go a long way, and having a reporter hear your voice can usually be more persuading than a letter. Social media’s purpose is to help you complete tasks with more ease and efficiency, so why not take advantage of it? You might actually impress someone with how you go about contacting them for a story.
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